TKM Unlimited, Inc. | TKM Advantage

Comprehensive industrial services & solutions to power your success

TKM Unlimited, Inc. | TKM Advantage

Comprehensive industrial services & solutions to power your success

Gain an immediate and commanding edge in an ultra-competitive industry

Experience the TKM Unlimited Advantage

You’re empowered to focus on your customers, because we’re focused on you

Behind the numbers, timelines, and other elements of every project, it’s people that drive success. TKM Unlimited specializes in creating meaningful relationships with every client built on earned trust, open communication, and transparent exchanges. For you, that means you can expect us to listen to your needs, recognize your challenges, and create custom solutions that are highly responsive and dynamic in the face of changing market conditions.

You meet budget and time demands, because our technology makes it happen

No matter how complex a project might be, every success starts with smaller building blocks of common sense processes and sensible decisions. TKM Unlimited’s unique culture combines experience and expertise to maximize efficiency and streamline operations. For you, that means you can expect lower total costs, reliable timelines, and favorable outcomes on every project — all of which lead to repeat business for your brand growth.

Engineering Services and Solutions

from concept,  to fabrication,  to market.  all under one roof.

Leading-Edge Technology

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology — including such tools as Autodesk Inventor Product Design Suite, 3D printing, and CNC Machining — TKM Unlimited powers your project with an array of integrated, start-to-finish strategies and solutions that ensure the highest-quality outcome over a reliable timeframe and at remarkably competitive pricing.

Thought-Leading Expertise

When you partner with TKM Unlimited, you’ll immediately benefit from the support and guidance of true experts in industrial fulfillment. As thought-leaders in integrated engineering, prototyping, machining, assembly, testing and outsourcing solutions, we’re standing by to help you reduce your costs, accelerate your timelines, and make each project a success.

Industry-Leading Experience

The TKM Unlimited track record — a showcase of one successful project after another and scores of satisfied, repeat clients — represents our guarantee that you’re placing your brand reputation and the outcome of your project in the most capable hands. Because in the end, there’s simply nothing more important to our team than our ability to exceed your expectations.

we're ready to go

Let's Get Started

TKM Unlimited comprehensive services and solutions are designed to solve your toughest challenges and exceed your expectations.

For a personal presentation of how we can power the success of your next project, give us a call at (234) 678-3990 or send us an email to today.



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